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Better Business Bureau Recognition

American Auto Shield Recognized by

Better Business Bureau

American Auto Shield is proud to be recently recognized by the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau (BBB) for 10 years of continuous BBB Accreditation.

As an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, American Auto Shield adheres to a strict code of ethics and sets high standards of excellence that we strive to meet or exceed each day. Consumers and clients can feel secure knowing American Auto Shield meets BBB Accreditation standards and the additional standards required to advertise affiliation with the BBB. In keeping with these standards, American Auto Shield maintains the BBB’s esteemed A+ Rating and a 99.9% consumer satisfaction rate.

In addition to being an A+ Rated BBB Accredited Member, American Auto Shield is also Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) registered, and a member of the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA) and the Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC).

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Powertrain Coverage Stacks Up

Powertrain Coverage vs. Exclusionary Coverage

Powertrain Coverage has always been in a face-off with Exclusionary Coverage. Exclusionary Coverage is sometimes referred to as “Bumper to Bumper” Coverage. While it’s true that Exclusionary Coverage provides more inclusive coverage for your vehicle, it’s also true that with more coverage comes a higher price tag for the buyer.

Although Exclusionary Coverage is ideal, Powertrain Coverage has its own recognition and steadfast following. Why? It’s the powertrain that guarantees smooth functioning of your vehicle – without it you’re not going anywhere. In fact, American Auto Shield Powertrain Coverage secures some of the most expensive parts of the vehicle, including the engine, transmission, drive axle, cooling system and more. Pretty pricey stuff.

Most vehicles begin to experience problems once they reach the 80,000 mile mark. For those with high mileage autos, or those who want coverage for the most expensive parts on their vehicle, American Auto Shield Coverage proves perfect. Not only do our Vehicle Service Contracts provide coverage for the big ticket items, they also provide built-in benefits to compliment your existing coverage. These built-in benefits include emergency roadside assistance anytime, as well as rental car and trip interruption reimbursement for covered claims.

Visit the American Auto Shield website to find out which coverage is right for you. Have questions? Visit our Support Center for online solutions and service.

Vehicle Service Contract Buying List

Which Vehicle Service Contract is right for me?

Making an informed decision about your Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) purchase can be easy if you ask important questions to assist you in choosing the coverage and claims administrator that’s right for you. The following questions are a guide to help you obtain a basic understanding of the contract you’re considering and what you can expect from your Vehicle Service Contract protection.

Vehicle Service Contract Buying Checklist

Is your vehicle under factory warranty, and is the coverage in sync with how long you anticipate owning it?

For example, if the vehicle has a factory warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles, and you only plan on keeping it for less than 3 years, with an anticipated annual mileage of about 11,000, any necessary repairs will likely be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty while you own the vehicle. However, if you plan on keeping your car or truck after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, enhancing your coverage with a Vehicle Service Contract is a wise decision and worth your consideration.

What’s your vehicle’s reliability record?

Research your vehicle’s reliability history to give you an idea of its typical repairs and their costs. Consider whether you could afford to pay these repairs out of pocket should your auto need them.

How much does the Vehicle Service Contract cost?

Make sure the coverage is adequate, what you expect, and within your budget. Analyze your projected budget and your most important investments and expenses, and consider that labor rates have risen by an average of $20 per hour in the past 3 years. A Vehicle Service Contract helps to offset these rising repair costs at an affordable price by protecting your vehicle against tomorrow’s repair bills, at today’s prices. Often consumers find that more coverage and upfront cost now can save thousands in repair costs down the road, while providing a sense of security that only quality coverage can.

How long does the Vehicle Service Contract last?

Understanding how long your coverage lasts is another important factor in making an informed decision. Consider how much driving you do now and plan to do in the future, and make sure the mileage and term you choose meet your needs.

What does the Vehicle Service Contract cover (or not cover)?

Understanding what is covered is important, but equally important is understanding what is not covered. This question may influence which contract you purchase based on what types of repairs you’re willing to pay out of pocket for in the future. Remember that unlike an insurance policy that covers you and your vehicle in case of an accident, Vehicle Service Contracts protect your budget by covering necessary automotive repairs when covered breakdowns or failures occur. Each Vehicle Service Contract is different and specific coverage varies depending upon the VSC purchased, optional coverage selections, state of purchase, place of purchase, and seller agreement. It’s important that potential buyers review any contract carefully and ask any questions they may have before purchase.

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Vehicle Service Contract?

Never purchase a Vehicle Service Contract from a company that will not provide a copy of the terms and conditions of the contract. Likewise, you should never need a legal degree to understand your coverage. Make sure you understand your VSC’s coverage, the administrator’s obligations, and your obligations, such as vehicle maintenance or claim authorization.

Can repairs be performed at any repair shop?

Many extended auto warranties require you have your vehicle serviced at the dealership where it was purchased. In addition, many automotive service agreements require you to take your vehicle to an authorized shop for repairs. Either can be a huge hassle. Find a Vehicle Service Contract that allows you to have the repairs performed at any professional repair facility.

What’s the nature of the deductible? What is the cost and is the deductible per visit or per repair?

The difference can have a major impact on your wallet. A per visit deductible means you will pay one [set] deductible per visit to the shop, regardless of how many repairs are performed during that visit. A per repair deductible applies to each serviced part – so if you have a $100 deductible and you have the fuel pump, air conditioner, brake calipers and power window repaired, you’ll be out $400 for the per repair deductible alone. Ouch.

Is a cash layout required for repairs?

Some extended auto warranties require that you pay the bill out of pocket, and then submit the receipt for reimbursement. Ideally, you’ll want a Vehicle Service Contract that pays the repair facility directly with a credit card.

What kind of replacement parts will the Vehicle Service Contract ensure are used?

Many Vehicle Service Contracts include information contained in their terms and conditions concerning parts sourcing. A company may source new parts, like-new parts or reconditioned parts. Many times these replacement parts will be warrantied as well. In some cases, where these parts are not easily obtainable, high-quality used parts may be substituted. Although these parts are most often just as operationally superior as brand new parts, and warrantied as well, it’s important that you review how your Vehicle Service Contract sources parts and decide if the use of alternative parts would be a cause of concern for you.

Who handles claims for the Vehicle Service Contract?

Knowing who will be administering your Vehicle Service Contract can give insight into any potential weaknesses of the coverage you’re considering and the company’s ability to pay claims. Administrators act as claims adjusters, authorizing the payment of claims to the service repair facility under the contract terms – so make sure they have the financial resources to meet their obligations under the VSC. The ultimate measure of an administrative company is ensuring that your claims are paid quickly and easily. Find out how long the company has been in business, their financial strength, their standing with consumer organizations, if they are rated by the Better Business Bureau, and if they are backed by an insurer.

Does the claims administrator provide direct and online claim filing?

Life is busy. Find out if the Vehicle Service Contract administrator provides direct as well as online claim filing and account management. Filing a claim online can save you and your repair facility time, and having access to your account when it’s convenient for you is invaluable.

Who backs the Vehicle Service Contract?

Find out if your Vehicle Service Contract and administrator are backed by an insurer. Typically, a claims reserve account with a separate insurer is maintained to cover consumers with contracts should the administrative company dissolve. If the administrative company is insured by a separate entity, research their financial strength, how long they’ve been in business, and their rating through companies such as A.M. Best Company.

Is the Vehicle Service Contract transferable?

If you plan to broaden your vehicle’s coverage with a Vehicle Service Contract, be sure to purchase one that is transferable – it will increase your auto’s resale value. Having a VSC to include with the purchase can make your car or truck more attractive to a prospective buyer. Passing along security to another driver is one of the best ways to ensure sales success.

Vehicle Service Contract Benefits

Vehicle Service Contract Benefits on a Budget

Don’t let unexpected auto repairs slow you down

Much like life insurance, Vehicle Service Contract benefits offer security to consumers looking for protection today against tomorrow’s unknowns. Unexpected auto repairs can be a financial burden. American Auto Shield Vehicle Service Contracts can relieve that burden by shielding your investment with exceptional coverage that gets you back on the road for less.

List of the Top 10 American Auto Shield

Vehicle Service Contract Benefits

Shielding Your Auto Investment

An American Auto Shield Vehicle Service Contract can help you avoid surprises and costly auto repairs while protecting your investment. We know that for most of us, our car is our most important asset aside from our homes – vital for our everyday lives. Unfortunately, more than 1/3 of all vehicles experience one or more failures in a given year. Additionally, labor rates have risen by an average of $20 per hour in the past three years, currently averaging over $90 nationwide. An American Auto Shield Vehicle Service Contract helps to offset rising repair costs at an affordable price by protecting your vehicle against tomorrow’s repair bills at today’s prices.

Increased Resale Value

American Auto Shield allows you to transfer ownership of your Vehicle Service Contract along with the vehicle. Having a Vehicle Service Contract to include with the purchase can make your car or truck more attractive to a prospective buyer. Passing along security to another driver is one of the best ways to ensure sales success.

Personalized Attention

American Auto Shield does not outsource claims administration. Whether your vehicle experiences a major or minor failure, we’ll be there every step of the way. For our customer’s and their repair facility’s convenience, we provide online claim filing, as well as personal service from our Claims Adjusters, ASE Certified Technicians and Customer Service Team.

Online Account Management

Life is busy. Coverage with American Auto Shield means online account management at your convenience. Customers can register in Manage MyAutoShield to update your contact information, view your contract and claim information, and access other online customer service features in an instant. You can also utilize our Support Center for convenient online solutions and service.


If your vehicle experiences a mechanical breakdown or failure, your American Auto Shield Vehicle Service Contract allows you to take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, for repair. Need a tow to get you there? Your coverage provides a built-in roadside assistance benefit to compliment your coverage.

Online Claim Filing

We utilize advanced technologies for effortless claims administration. For our customer’s and their repair facility’s convenience, we provide online claim filing, as well as filing by phone. In addition, customers can access the status of their claim at their convenience – 24/7.

Automotive Industry Expertise

We’ve built a strong, trustworthy, and knowledgeable business. Our team’s combined automotive industry and compliance expertise allows us to develop and deliver products and services that drive business and earn consumer trust.

Improved Vehicle Performance

The risk of component failure and associated repair costs increases with your vehicle’s age and mileage. Sometimes owners put off needed repairs until they can afford the cost of the repair – often resulting in additional damage to the vehicle, additional repair costs, and unsafe driving conditions. The protection of an American Auto Shield Vehicle Service Contract covers many different parts of a vehicle that may go beyond a manufacturer’s warranty, depending on which type of contract you purchase. Coverage of these vital components means your vehicle will receive the service it needs to ensure a longer lifespan and more reliable performance.

Knowledge & Resources

Take advantage of our automotive industry knowledge and resources! Stick to your car’s service schedule or get ready for the season with our vehicle maintenance and car care checklists. You can also view Frequently Asked Questions or learn our lingo in the Vehicle Service Contract Glossary. Visit our Support Center for more information.

Reliability on a Budget

American Auto Shield Claims Adjusters specialize in automotive repair and many are ASE Certified Technicians. All of our Claims Adjusters have access to numerous databases, ensuring you receive a fair assessment of your vehicle’s failure and a fair price for repair of any covered components. Payment for covered repairs is made directly to the repair facility, less any deductible, eliminating the burden of large and unanticipated out of pocket expenses.

Golf Tournament a Huge Success

American Auto Shield thanks the participants and sponsors who made our 3rd Annual Golf Tournament a success.

The four man scramble was held May 28, 2015, at the Missouri Bluffs Golf Club, St. Charles, MO, where over 60 guests were on-hand for a fun-packed day filled with great golf, networking, tasty cuisine and prizes.

The Missouri Bluffs Golf Club provides a challenging layout that includes beautiful scenery and an occasional wildlife sighting. This year’s tournament included 15 teams that competed for the 1st Place Prize, along with the Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin trophies. The tournament was followed by a luncheon, awards presentation and raffle.

Event Sponsors included Inline Data Systems, Forte Data Systems, Paylink, Moxy Solutions, Southwest Inspection Services, Omnisure, Roadside Protect, Mepco Finance Corporation and AAMCO Transmissions.

“The tournament was a great success, and we look forward to hosting it each year,” said Jason Currier, American Auto Shield Vice President. “We understand that our clients have many options in the marketplace, and we appreciate their confidence in our company and products. Our annual customer appreciation event allows us to express our gratitude in person to the people who continue to support our growth and contribute to our success.”

Special Congratulations goes out to Andy Pagano and Mike Jung of Repair Defense Network, and Tom Corbett of American Auto Shield, for taking 1st Place in the tournament. Each team member was presented with a 1st Place trophy and gift cards.

American Auto Shield also congratulates Joe Walski of Greenlight, winner of the Longest Drive Competition, and Adam Mathews of Paylink, winner of the Closest to the Pin Competition. Winners of both competitions were presented with trophies and gift cards.

Thank you again to all of our guests and sponsors for a fantastic turn out. We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you all each year!

Visit our Facebook page to view American Auto Shield 3rd Annual Golf Tournament team pictures!