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Krispy Kreme April Fool’s Prank Not Funny

April Fool’s Day prank goes horribly wrong

LAKEWOOD, CO – An April Fool’s Day prank involving Krispy Kreme boxes containing fresh, nutritious food that lacked any type of glaze was met with immediate backlash from some Lakewood, CO, office employees. Reports indicate the good-natured pranksters replaced the delicious donuts with fruit, vegetables and dip… healthy alternatives their fellow employees clearly resented. Employees seemed shaken by the event.

A witness at the scene described his experience, “We were so excited when we saw the boxes sitting there. We all felt really happy and motivated to eat the donuts. When we opened the boxes, our hearts dropped. We knew we’d been deceived.”

Some employees could be seen opening and closing the boxes repeatedly, while shaking their heads in disbelief. Others could be heard muttering their discontent to no one in particular. “People just take things way too far,” said one employee. “They think it’s just a joke, but they don’t think about the people they’re hurting.” The suspected perpetrators have since been shunned by the entire office. Recent reports indicate that one of the alleged perpetrators left the office in haste to retrieve the missing donuts.