Learning & Development

Our Learning and Development Team provides training and development to our AAS team members. We aim to help our teammates develop their professional skills and careers at AAS!


Professional Development

When you join AAS, it is so much more than just a job. 

Through our Career Pathways program, you and your manager will create an individual development plan including job-specific training and an outline to define your career path. 

Whether you are interested in course work for your current role or a new opportunity, we have something for everyone. 

The following are a few examples. 


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New Leader Academy

Our New Leader Academy is designed to prepare newly promoted leaders; teaching critical skills such as conflict management, building relationships, emotional intelligence, and coaching.

Professional Development Foundations

Professional Development Foundations  is designed to lay the groundwork for development at all team member levels at American Auto Shield. This introductory course focuses on the foundations of professionalism with emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, problem solving, and change management.


Management Essentials for Leaders Academy

Management Essentials covers various leadership topics crucial for success, such as leadership styles, ethics in leadership, integrity, employee relationships, fostering change, and more.

Technical Claims Academy

The Technical Academy enhances adjusters' skills in recognizing when to initiate powertrain claims, understanding coverage specifics, especially for internally lubricated parts, and grasping the reason behind information requests during ongoing claims. Trainees learn to effectively communicate claim statuses, comprehend the proper progression of claims, and support technical adjusters to minimize costs and delays. 

Technical claims academy