Claim Steps

Claim Steps

From your vehicle’s mechanical breakdown or failure, to the resolution of your claim, we’ll help you every step of the way

Protect the vehicle from further damage
Do not operate the vehicle as it could result in further damage
Pull your vehicle off the road and shut off the engine when any of the lights/gauges indicate a problem
Use your Roadside Assistance benefit
Present your MyAutoShield Vehicle Service Contract to the repair facility
Ask the repair facility to contact American Auto Shield prior to proceeding with repairs

Call 800.531.1925


If you had emergency auto repairs performed outside normal business hours and did not receive prior authorization:

Contact American Auto Shield no later than the 1st business day after emergency repairs are performed.

Emergency repairs must meet the following criteria:

  • The need for repair is immediate and the administrator’s office is closed
  • The mechanical breakdown or failure must prevent you from safely operating your vehicle
  • The mechanical breakdown or failure must be covered by your contract
  • The total cost of the repair and/or replacement must not exceed $250

1-2-3 Easy Claim Steps

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When we receive your claim, it will be assigned to a Claims Adjuster. The Adjuster will:

  • Gather facts surrounding the breakdown or failure
  • Verify Vehicle Service Contract information

The contract holder will:

  • Authorize teardown / diagnostics of your vehicle to determine failure
  • Submit any service records, if requested
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The repair facility will:

  • Perform teardown / diagnostics to determine failure
  • Submit an estimate for the repair of your vehicle

The Claims Adjuster will:

  • Assign an inspector, if necessary, to inspect and document the cause of failure
  • Determine coverage
  • Evaluate your claim for authorization per the terms of the Vehicle Service Contract
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The Claims Adjuster will work with you and your repair facility to resolve your claim fairly by:

  • Explaining your coverage for the necessary repairs
  • Explaining your deductible amount, if any
  • Paying your repair facility directly for the covered repairs to your vehicle
  • Closing your claim, once resolved, under the terms of your Vehicle Service Contract

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