Our Culture

Our people make us great!

Our Core Values



We act with honesty, honor, and truthfulness in all situations; keeping our word on what we say we are to do, when we say we will do it.



We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism, honoring individual circumstances with empathy so we may respond appropriately.



We accept our individual and team responsibilities, and we meet our commitments. We take responsibility for our performance in our decisions and actions.



We promote inclusion and participation in a team-focused environment where decisions are better when we work together. We build purposeful relationships grounded in cooperation.



We enthusiastically encourage curiosity and discovery by challenging the status quo and taking advantage of new technologies and ideas so we may anticipate and adapt to new conditions.


Ambassador Program

Ambassadors represent various departments and champion the employee experience. This voluntary role provides excellent professional development in communication, interpersonal skills, public speaking, and networking.

Team building 2

Virtual Team Building Events

Virtual team-building events support fun at work in a relaxed environment to play, connect, engage, and build stronger relationships with co-workers. 

AAS Voice

AAS Voice

AAS Voice gives you an opportunity to share feedback and innovative ideas. 

Health and wellness

Health and Wellness

We encourage and support a healthy workplace. Our programs are designed to improve and promote health and well-being through education, communication, and a supportive work environment. 


Rewards and Recognition Program

We believe in the power of our team. Our employee recognition and reward platform, AAS Connects, promotes engagement, and provides a forum for making employees feel valued and appreciated.

We celebrate individual and team achievements, birthdays, and work anniversaries.   Our platform also delivers a little fun into the day with exciting challenges and activities. It's a chance for our team to build connections and earn points towards rewards such as gift cards, merchandise, and company swag.  Points may also be used to make a difference by donating to a charity.