Summer Car Care Tips

Summer Car Care

You’re not the only one bathing in the sun! It’s summertime! Time to put away your heavier jackets, feel the sun on your skin, and take a dip in the pool. As the weather changes, so do our needs. We lower our thermostats and stock up on deodorant, sunscreen, and aloe vera to protect ourselves.…

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Car Brakes Take No Breaks

Car brakes

Don’t Take a Break from Your Car Alice Cooper said it best: there’s nothing a kid loves like that school bell that rings at the end of the year, signifying summer. It means all their responsibilities to their teachers are over for a long break of fun in the sun. A wave of relief comes;…

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Spring Into Your Car Cleaning Checklist

Car wash

It’s just about that time… time for spring cleaning. Soon we’ll all be spending our free time deep cleaning and decluttering our lives. Maybe your spring-cleaning checklist includes donating clothes you don’t wear anymore and reorganizing your closet, flipping through the file cabinet and asking yourself if you really need those grocery receipts from two…

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10 Ways to Show Your Car Some Love

American Auto Shield Love

Give Your Car Some LOVE this Valentine’s Day… and every other day of the year! For most of us, our car is our biggest financial investment aside from our home. We’re connected to our cars, but are we devoted to their long-term health? Like any relationship, you get back what you give and just by…

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